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September Gardening Calendar

Gardening Calendar for September

Lawn Care
•    Now is the time to fertilize and lime your tall fescue according to the soil samples.
•    Tall fescue lawns can be seeded out this month.  Mulch seeded areas with wheat or barley straw
•    There is no need to fertilize warm season grasses like Bermuda and zoysia.
•    Grubs can be controlled with insecticides at the beginning of this month.

•    There are no fertilizing needs this month other then for winter grasses.

•    Vegetable to be planted in September: mustard, onions, radishes, and turnips.
•    Set out new chrysanthemum plants this month.
•    Now is a good time to set out or transplant landscape plants.  Be sure to “open up” the root balls on container plants.
•    Pansies can also be set out this month to add color to the landscape.


•    This is NOT a good time to prune trees and shrubs because pruning will stimulate new growth.  That new growth will not have enough time to harden before it turns cold.  Late January and February are the best times to do major pruning.
•    Any dead or diseased wood can be pruned out anytime of the year.
•    Weeds or unnecessary trees should be removed from the landscape.
•    Rootprune any plants you plan to move next spring.

•    Watch shrubs for the following insects: spider mites, scale, and lace bugs.
•    Use recommended herbicide to control trumpet creeper, and blackberry.
•    Continue with rose spraying program.
•    Peach and nectarine tree need a trunk spray for peach tree borers.
•    Insects and diseases can be more severe in the autumn, keep a close eye on your fall vegetables.
(Pesticides should be used sparingly!  Use only when needed and always follow the label)

Other Activities
•    Prepare houseplants to reenter your home.  Check them carefully for insects.
•    Clean up and put away unused gardening equipment so it will be ready for the spring.
•    Destroy any dead vegetable plants by chopping, burning, or plowing under.  
•    Start looking for spring flowering bulbs to plant in October.

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Submitted by Jacob Searcy, Extension Agent, Agriculture,

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