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4-H Presentations

4-H Presentations: The What & Why

If you were asked what is the NUMBER 1 FEAR among American people, what would you say, spiders, mice, heights, or snakes? Those indeed are fears, but the NUMBER 1 FEAR is Public Speaking. The 4-H Presentations program is a competitive program that allows youth to develop the skills necessary to become confident speakers. The beauty of 4-H Presentations is the 4-Her has the opportunity to explore their interest even further and present the information they are most passionate about. As an extra incentive to medals given for placing, 4-Hers also earn scholarships (for future events) and cash prizes.

What are the rules?

This year the rules for 4-H Presentation will differ from our traditional in-person competition to a virtual competition through video submission. The competitive component of the 4-H Presentation program begins for youth ages 8-18. These 4-Hers choose a topic of their choice, research, write, practice, and deliver a 5-15 minute presentation. The Bertie County 4-H Extension Agent is available to assist youth with presentation preparation such as topic identification/selection, outline, and organization.

There are three levels where youth can present their presentations outside of their club and/or home. These three are the County, District, and State levels. The County-Level or County Activity Day allows youth to share their presentation with their 4-H Agent and two other judges. This is a great level to start if you are unsure about talking in front of a large group. Also, on the county level, the top two presenters in each category and age group will compete on the District Level. The County Days for Bertie will be May 17th-20th.

The District Level or District Activity Day is where the competition level increases as youth will compete against youth from all 22 counties in the Northeast District. The top two winners in each category will be offered to present on the State Level to compete against youth across NC. Some presentation categories have the 4th level, and this would be the National Level.

Video Rules

  • Videos must be single cut- do not do several recordings and splice them together. SINGLE CUT ONLY- just as if youth are presenting live.
  • Judges must see the youth doing their presentations.
  • Teams– use Zoom or something similar to record you both on the screen at the same time. (Use co-host to share the roles).
  • Videos can not be bigger than 10GB- Smaller is Better.
  • Videos must be .mp4 file format or .mov as these are universal, and we should open them easily. Do not send links to the video (including YouTube.)
  • Please upload the video directly in the Google Folderprovided once registration opens for County Activity Day. The Bertie County 4-H Agent will submit videos for District Activity Day Competition.

Very Helpful Tips & Hints for 4-H Presentation (2021)

What is the Timeline?

  • Final Day For Category Sign-Ups
    Bertie County 4-H Presentation Category Sign-Ups
    May 13, 2021
  • County Activity Day(s)
    May 17th-20th, 2021
  • District Activity Day Video Submissions
    May 26, 2021
  • Outdoor Cooking Competition Camden County
    June 18, 2021
  • 4-H State Presentations Video Submissions
    July 9, 2021

Additional & Helpful Links

Here is an oldie but goodie introduction to a demonstration. 

This one focuses more on presentation skills.

A great example of a 4-H presentation.

Entering the Public Speaking Category, here is a great example. 

To learn more or have questions for 4-H Presentations, contact Guy A. Holley at gaholley@ncsu.edu.

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Updated on May 1, 2021
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